Established in 1993, Vancouver B.C. based Eastland Management Ltd is involved in providing specific management consulting services for emerging companies involved in the natural resource industry. Jim Rankin, President and CEO brings over 30 years of varied business and executive management experience gained in the insurance, real estate, project development, oil and natural gas, mineral exploration and development industries.

Acting as an advisor for the Directors of public mining companies - Jim will source out viable exploration and development projects that meet the Board's vision, using sources and contacts developed over the past 20 years.

On a consulting basis - We have assembled and retained a team of legal, geological, and financial professionals that have extensive experience and business knowledge in their respective disciplines. Their mandate is to clearly evaluate, focus and execute client's needs.

The key to Eastland's ongoing and continued success is their ability to evaluate and adapt quickly to changes in business models, regardless of the current market, economic or political environment.
Bringing Projects and
Capital Together

Eastland Management Ltd.
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